Issue Background

State and Local Policy

The Network advocates a robust suite of affordable housing policies and programs at the state and local levels that:

  1. Prioritize lasting affordability; and
  2. Foster the development and preservation of socially and economically inclusive communities.

State and local policy and funding for housing play a critical role in the creation and preservation of affordable housing, as well as the development of economically and socially inclusive communities. Some of the policy solutions that the Network promotes are:

  • Housing trust funds
  • Inclusionary zoning
  • Land banking
  • Equitable taxation of resale-restricted properties
  • Increased access to development funding and mortgage financing
  • Inclusion of housing with lasting affordability in transit-oriented development and smart growth planning
  • Inclusion of lasting affordability in HUD Consolidated Plans

Many states and communities have implemented some of these policy interventions, particularly inclusionary housing, land banking, and housing trust funds. The Network promotes the incorporation of permanent affordability into these frameworks, to preserve community assets and provide continued opportunities for low-income and minority households to own homes and build wealth.